Easy-to-use Online Invoicing Software to

"Easily generate quotation or invoice on the go.."

Track Generated Quotations, Invoices & Clients' Payments Easily

Factura is the online invoicing system which enables you to invoice client fast - receive and track payments online. Generated quotation can transform into invoice with one click conversion function.

Features Overview


Factura will allow you to maintain your own customer database. You can create unlimited customers in Factura. Statements and detail statements are categorized by customers.

You can create unlimited quotations and send to your customer. Easily convert created quotation to invoice with one click after approval. Created quotations are available online 24/7 for your customer.

Created invoices are available for your customer to preview 24/7 online. You can create invoices on-the-go without needing any specific device. Factura will allow you to create unlimited invoices.

Statements are categorized by customers and easy for credit management. Factura allows you to generate againg report, too. Receivable statements are also ready for printing.

Why Factura?

Save paper work
Use from anywhere
Create invoice(s) on-the-go
Easily send invoice(s) directly to your customer(s)
Monitor collection easily
Generate statements anytime you need
Generate aging report as-and-when require
Keep your invoices available 24/7